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The rental economy in Houston is, in no uncertain terms, growing. It is estimated that the median gross rent in Houston in 2014 was $937, representing a six percent increase from the prior year and a nearly eight percent increase over the past three years. If a property owner plays their cards right, they can enjoy an entirely distinct supplemental stream of income to invest, save or simply spend on themselves and their loved ones. Although there is plenty of opportunity to capitalize on Houston’s rental economy, they need the most experienced, trusted and reputable of property management companies in their corner. Katy Property Management offers a comprehensive, all-inclusive experience to help you ensure that you can maximize your rental income potential in the Houston area. Call us today at 281.398.9844 to find out how we can serve your rental manager needs.

Why Choose Rental Property Management Companies?

It’s easy to put an ad online or in the paper announcing a search for tenants for your rental property; however, it could wind up creating serious long-term consequences. The wrong tenant can cause considerable legal problems and property damage, not to mention force you to chase after them for months or even years to recoup your money. Professional house rental companies or apartment rental agencies give you the peace of mind and assurance you deserve by thoroughly vetting your tenant candidates and handling all other administrative issues like rent collection, potential legal issues and much more all for one low monthly fee.


Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Houston Texas


Think of these home rental agencies as your one-stop shop for all your property rental services and the liaison between you and your tenants. It’s also important to remember; however, that not all home rental companies are created equal. Katy Property Management is ready to show you what makes us the area’s commercial and residential property management experts. We also abide by the guidelines of the fair housing act and all local, state and federal landlord/tenant laws.

A Full Menu of Property Management Solutions

When researching real estate management companies in the Houston area, or anywhere else for that matter, it’s important that you enlist the services of a company that can do it all and that charges low property manager fees for their services. Katy Property Management offers a comprehensive array of commercial and residential services, including but not limited to:

  • Condominium
  • Vacation Properties
  • Rent Collection
  • Property Maintenance
  • Application Screening and Processing
  • Moving Assistance
  • Tenant Relations
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Comparative Rental Market Analysis
  • Accounting Services
  • And More

The experienced and qualified professionals at Katy Property Management are well versed in Texas real estate law and the rules of the state governing landlord-tenant relations. We are ready to be your committed advocate through every step of the rental process.

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Houston is Booming with New Apartment Units and Rental Properties!

The City of Houston is one of many cities in the nation that has experienced low rental occupancies since 2011. This is a great time for owners to hire management teams to supervise and run their rental businesses. It gives us at Katy Property Management the ability to prove what we’re made of. With our resources and effective marketing methods, we will help your rental units appeal to a large audience of prospective yet reliable tenants.

The occupancy rate for rentals in Houston may have gone down, but the job growth in Texas could lead to a higher potential for residency. Houston has especially grown and with this growth, more job opportunities have arisen. As the need to fill job openings continues to grow, the need for rental properties will also increase, making it easier to fill your empty units with hardworking tenants.

Finding and Selecting a Property Manager in Houston

Finding the right property manager in Houston isn’t as difficult as you would believe. There are certain things you can look for to assure you hire a professional property team to protect your investment.

  • They carry the proper local and state licensing along with any other pertinent certifications proving their authenticity and success in the property manager industry.
  • They have proven methods when it comes to effective marketing practices for rental units.
  • They’ll have more resources to use so they can approach any situation with the utmost confidence.
  • You’ll easily find great reviews and ratings for the agency online, left by previous clients.
  • They’ll have a history proving their ability to maintain and grow a rental property into a lucrative income for the property owner.

Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Houston Texas

Business or Pleasure

At Katy Property Management, we understand the specialized plight of the commercial landowner and that sometimes the world of commercial real estate can be less predictable than the residential. The reality is that businesses fail at a remarkable rate and, whether you own warehouse space, a suite of offices or a retail store, you can easily be left holding the bag when your tenant’s company folds. In order to protect yourself from the worst, considering aligning yourself with Houston’s most trusted and established commercial property manager firm. We will be happy to assist with all administrative of the commercial rental process and ensure a mutually advantageous relationship between you and your tenants.

The reality is that you don’t always have the time or inclination to constantly oversee your commercial property. Call us today at 281.398.9844 for the highest-quality and most comprehensive assistance. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

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How to Attract the Best Tenants in Houston

In order to attract the best tenants throughout Houston, your property management team will work hard to make your rentals more appealing. There are several ways to attract reliable and hardworking tenants and our professionals are capable of doing this using their resources and viable approaches.

  • The property will undergo an inspection. During this inspection, any needed cosmetic repairs and maintenance will be noted. Anything that hinders the property from attracting new tenants will be enhanced or repaired by local contract workers hired on by your property manager.
  • Your property manager will do research to see how your property rentals compare to others in Houston. Their research along with any updates done to your property after the inspection will be taken into account when an accurate rental rate is determined. Due to their experience in the Houston real estate market, your property manager is capable of producing the best possible rates for your vacant units.
  • An effective marketing plan must be in place. Using verifiable online resources and the assistance of reputable real estate agencies, your property will be advertised in the most effective manner. You’re likelier to attract the right Houston tenants when your property is publicized properly and through the right resources.
  • Will organize open houses and walkthroughs with potential tenants. Open houses that are properly publicized will draw in a crowd. They may even provide those that show up with refreshments and snacks. Applications and flyers featuring the rentals’ amenities will also be provided to anyone interested. Anyone turning in an application will also be expected to pay a small fee for the screening process.
  • The screening process for those that filled out applications is the most important part of finding the right tenants. During this screening, a background check, criminal history, and credit history will be pulled up and inspected. All those that don’t meet the standards agreed upon between the property manager and owner will be denied a vacant unit.

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Houston Property Management Services

The Responsibilities of a Houston Property Manager

Your manager is held responsible for a broad variety of matters regarding your rental property. Of course, it all depends on the services that you hired them for. Most firms offer a full range of services so that all aspects of owning rentals is cared for, giving you as the owner, more free time and less stress.

  • Leasing vacant rentals immediately after they undergo a little TLC
  • They have strategic and effective advertising and marketing methods for the rental property
  • They’ll interview potential tenants and hold open houses and private viewings of the vacant units
  • They’ll hire contract workers for grounds maintenance, landscaping, repairs, etc.
  • All fees, monthly rent, deposits, and debts will be collected regularly
  • Handle customer complaints and other issues on the property
  • They’ll represent the rental property owner in legal matters
  • As licensed and certified property management, they’ll deal with lease agreements, rental applications, credit checks, etc.
  • They’ll build a relationship with contractors, tenants and local business owners
  • They hold knowledge of local, state and federal landlord/tenant laws including consistent compliance with the Fair Housing Act
  • All trash duties and other routine ground maintenance
  • They’ll carefully manage financial matters and profits involving the rentals

The duties of a property manager go above and beyond. Having inexperienced personnel or managing rentals on your own is nearly impossible and unnecessary. It is more profitable and worthwhile to hire reliable help from a licensed and certified firm.

Tenants and Property Management Can Use Our Online System

We like to make it easier on landlords, tenants and other staff by offering an online platform designed to make communication easier for everyone. It’s just one more thing we like to add onto the services we provide. One of the most important aspects of running a successful rental property is having an open line of communication between tenants and property management.

Our platform allows tenants to pay rent, submit applications, request maintenance, and more. Giving tenants a way to pay rent online makes it easier for them to pay. A tenant is more inclined to pay rent on time when offered an easier way to submit the payment without the hassle of dropping off a check in a deposit box which will also be made available on site.

Managers and landlords can also use our online portal. We offer invaluable information, important documentation including application templates, tax assistance, and a statement portal. We also offer a plethora of information on how to handle an eviction according to state law. Of course, our team of experts have extensive knowledgeable of Texas landlord/tenant laws and abide by them and their entirety. At the end of the year, you could very well qualify for tax breaks if you remain in compliance with all local, state and federal laws.