Where to Find Houston Tenants

It’s not difficult to fill vacancies at a property rental in Houston. There are so many individuals that struggle to find a rental property to reside in. However, these individuals are often the wrong people to attract. In order to remain a flourishing rental property with happy, paying tenants you’ll need to attract the right people to the property. With a qualified property manager overlooking your rentals, you’ll see how they effectively draw in and retain the right tenants at your Houston rental property.

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Professional Tips and Advice for Attracting the Right Tenants in Houston

  • Finding the right Houston tenants all begins with the location and appearance of your property. The property grounds, facilities and all rental units should be in their best condition. Clean, maintenance, repair and upgrade all vacant units before releasing the vacancy for rent to the public. Even the property’s curb appeal should draw in positive attention.
  • Make sure that your rental property is comparable to others in the area. This includes your monthly rate charged for each unit. Never overestimate or underestimate your rental’s worth. Let professionals with certifications in Houston real estate come up with their best recommendations for monthly rates. Most property managers are qualified to handle this research and form a satisfactory rate based on the property, its amenities, its condition, its location, and how it compares to other rentals in the city.
  • Have an effective marketing and advertising plan in place. Only advertise your listings through reputable real estate agencies, verifiable online resources, and local print publications. Try to avoid marketing the property rentals in areas where you’re less likely to attract the right occupants.
  • In all forms of advertisement include the specifications of the property and the vacant unit to be rented. Any special features, amenities and highlights of the community should be listed on the advertisement. Include things like the good school system, the outdoor pool available to all tenants, or the easy access to the 24/7 laundry facility on site. While marketing online and print, include photographs and floorplans whenever possible.
  • Hold open houses for vacant units in the building. Holding an open house is a wonderful way to attract potential tenants. Give them the ability to look around the property without the pressure of a private walkthrough. If you properly execute the open house, you’ll likely get several application submissions. Provide those who attend the open house with refreshments and snacks, flyers or pamphlets about the property, and anything else that might influence their interest in renting a unit at your Houston property.
  • Have applications always ready and available. Nonetheless, never accept applications that weren’t submitted with a small application fee. This fee is to be agreed upon between you and the manager of your property, but it is a great way to deter those who aren’t truly serious or sure about renting a unit. This prevents any time otherwise wasted and the likelihood of passing up dependable occupants.
  • Administer a comprehensive screening process. Upon the completion of an application, conduct a credit and background check for each applicant. Make sure they are without felonies or any potentially dangerous criminal history. Their credit score should also be up to par with the regulations and standards set for your property rental. The passing of these screening procedures show the potential quality of the person as a tenant.

There is no surefire way to attract or find trustworthy tenants in Houston. You must be capable of successfully running the entire property to build and maintain a positive reputation among current and previous tenants, professionals in the real estate industry, and all neighbors and residents of the city. Their admiration will only help draw in the right occupants to your rental property. Before long, you may have potential tenants waiting patiently for a vacancy. To learn how a reputable, experienced property manager can help you find Houston tenants that you are happy to rent to, call 281.398.9844. One of our certified representatives at Katy Property Management will gladly offer more information about our services.

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