Choosing the Right Houston Property Manager

Managing properties isn’t a job that’s easy for everyone. It takes a lot of time, dedication and patience. In fact, many Houston landlords prefer to hire a property manager to oversee their rental properties. This makes it easier for them to put their focus on other matters while a professional property manager handles all that’s entailed in running and managing a rental successfully.

Before you hastily hire a property manager or team of people to manage your Houston rentals, you’ll have to put some effort into finding the right professionals. Hiring the wrong people for the job could lead to monetary loss and a trillion other issues. Avoid a mess by thoroughly screening all those with a positive reputation for their property management services.

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The Step by Step Process of Hiring a Reliable Houston Property Manager

When you begin your search for a property management team, make sure you follow this step by step process. Following these guidelines will only make your search for the right property manager simpler and less time-consuming. Before you know it, you’ll be signing a contract with a reliable management agency.

Step 1:

Start your search by finding the most reputable property management services around Houston. You can do this by asking other rental property owners and using the Internet. When you go online to search, look up the top rated property management agencies in the area. Carefully read over reviews and testimonials and pay close attention to the company’s ratings. Write down the local property management agencies with the best reputations. Then gather each one’s contact information off their website.

Step 2:

It’s extremely important that you meet the potential property manager or anyone on the team. First impressions are everything, especially in the rental industry. You’ll want someone with a professional yet friendly personality. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions concerning their experience. Also ask how they handle advertising, vacancies, etc.

Step 3:

Negotiate the terms of the contract with the property management agency. Everything from personal contact information, management service rates, how repairs and maintenance are handled, and information regarding the advertisement of vacancies should be written in the paperwork before it is signed by all parties. Also go over all paperwork and details for tenants such as lease agreements and monthly rates for rentals.

The Advantages of Having Professional Property Management

There is no doubt about it, having an experienced property management team is important if you wish to manage successful, profitable rentals. As you’ll see below, there are many reasons to hire a property manager.

  • They’ll help you set adequate rental rates based on your property and other comparable rentals in Houston.
  • They’ll effectively advertise and market your property. Experienced property management will handle vacancies immediately.
  • They’ll collect all fees, debts, deposits and monthly rent payments. They’ll manage all money and profits through a tried and true management system.
  • Their able to recognize and find good tenants for rental vacancies.
  • All maintenance, landscaping and contract work is handled by property management. They’ll look for the best rates and professionals in the area to hire for any issue concerning the property.
  • You’ll remain in compliance with all local, state and federal rental and property laws.
  • A successful property management team will bring in more money, increasing your profits.

About Katy Property Management

For some of the most experienced and reputable property management services that remain in compliance with the landlord/tenant laws by the State of Texas, contact Katy Property Management. We’ll make sure that your rental property or properties are managed and ran by some of the greatest individuals in the industry. We will help minimize the time and stress you put into your rentals by using management solutions designed to smoothly run your property while increasing the investment value and your profit.

To learn more about the services we provide and how we operate, give us a call at 281.398.9844. We have 24 hour customer service available by phone and an online portal that allows full access to information about your property once you go through us for property management services in Houston.

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