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A commercial property intended for capital gain or rental profit is often hard to run successfully without a team of professionals there around the clock to help. It takes an extreme knowledge of the commercial real estate in Houston, experience managing commercial properties, and other qualifications to make sure a commercial property turns into a profitable investment. Fortunately, Katy Property Management has a team of experts waiting to help property owners in Texas make the most income out of their rental properties.

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About Renting a Commercial Property

A commercial property can be any number of structures. In most cases, commercial property owners looking to rent out space are looking for individuals interested in renting out an office, a retail space, or another facility not constructed for residency. These spaces aren’t usually too simple to rent out since there is a much smaller audience for such specific rental spaces. Nonetheless, a qualified property manager will know how to proficiently supervise a commercial rental space.

Before the commercial unit goes on the market, the property manager will discuss all options with the owner of the property. During this discussion all maintenance and repair concerns are addressed. A thorough marketing plan is also created and so is an accurate rental rate for the space. The rate is based on comparable commercial properties in the region as well as any extra amenities and features provided with leasing the space. Once all facets of the property are addressed and a proper lease agreement is written up with all local, state and federal laws taken into consideration, the commercial space can be advertised online and in local publications.

For further information about the property management services available to the owners of commercial properties in Houston, call the office of Katy Property Management and we will be happy to address all your concerns. Our history shows that we’re capable of turning a profit for all rental property types throughout the State of Texas. If you can’t wait to make a profit off of your commercial real estate, call us now at 281.398.9844!

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