What’s the Difference between a Houston Property Manager and a Houston Rental Agent?

There’s a lot of confusion among anyone curious about the difference between a Houston property manager and a Houston rental agent. Both have very similar responsibilities; however they also have their own duties and certification requirements that help differentiate the professions. Knowing the difference is important if you’re looking to make an investment. Protect your finances and learn what position is related to each profession before hiring someone to look over your rental properties.

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The Duties of a Rental Agent

A rental agent is someone that is held responsible for leasing a rental or rentals. Although a property manager with the right qualifications can generally handle this task, a rental agent specializes in leasing properties. They’re capable of quickly renting out vacant units to dependable tenants. A Houston rental agent can also come up with the most accurate rental rates for the units,due to their incomparable knowledge of real estate in the city and surrounding areas. They have a keen idea of the rental market for the region which gives them the ability to rent vacancies out at a faster pace than a property manager normally can.

The Duties of a Property Manager

A property manager’s position can entail a number of duties. It all depends on the services they are able to provide or the project that they are hired for. If the property management services are hired through an agency, they may offer various services including entire management teams for large buildings with multiple units. Some property managers will get certified and licensed so that they can handle various tasks involved in running rental units.

The many tasks of a property manager…

  • Leasing out vacant rental units
  • Advertising and marketing for the rental property
  • Interviewing tenants and hosting unit showings
  • Hiring contract workers for grounds maintenance, landscaping, repairs, etc.
  • Collecting fees, monthly rent, deposits, and debts
  • Dealing with customer complaints and other issues on the property
  • Representing the rental property owner in legalities
  • Managing and performing lease agreements, rental applications, credit checks, etc.
  • Building a relationship with contractors, tenants and local business owners
  • Knowledge of local, state and federal landlord/tenant laws including consistent compliance with the Fair Housing Act
  • Managing trash duties and other routine ground maintenance
  • Handling financial matters and profits involving the rentals
  • As you can see, the duties of a property manager can extend to far beyond the capabilities of a single person. That’s why the owners of multiple unit buildings such as apartment complexes or rental communities will often go through a reputable agency to hire a property management team. A team of professionals is better able to handle all the tasks involved with property rental management, making it even more possible for you to increase your profit as the owner of the property.

Why It Is Better to Hire a Property Management Team

Even though a Houston rental agent could be of great assistance to the leasing process, a property management team is often capable of providing the same service just as well. If there are more than at least a few units, a management team for the property will split the duties up among themselves. Each individual will have a duty that best suits their profession or skillsets in the property management. In fact, one of them is likely to have certifications and licensing in Houston real estate which often qualifies them as a leasing agent.

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