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Owning an apartment complex in the City of Houston is grounds for some tough competition. Houston is a busy city with a lot of entertainment, activity and resources that appeal to anyone wishing to reside somewhere in the vicinity. Many people desire to live in Houston as you can tell by its ever-changing and steadily increasing population. So, if you’re hoping to profit from your investment, it’s extremely possible with the right management.

The trick to being a profitable apartment building owner in Texas is to stand out from your competition. Obviously, if you already own the property, changing its location is out of the question so you must find the most unique aspects of the place before you decide to market it. You need to let potential occupants know what makes your apartments better than other apartment rentals available nearby.

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Unique Features and Privileges to Consider Offering Your Tenants

  • A laundry facility
  • A reading room or office area with WiFiavailable
  • Permit tenants the right to own pets within set stipulations
  • Easy transportation to and from city attractions
  • Accessible units and parking
  • Outdoor lounging and entertainment for families
  • Monthly community meetings, random events, and holiday gatherings for all tenants interested
  • 24/7 assistance for any maintenance or repairs needed and an open hotline for all tenant complaints
  • Discounts and promotions for new occupants upon the acceptance of their residency applications. For example, one month of free rent or half off the security deposit.
  • Tenants that have been around for more than the term of one lease agreement should have access to a referral program where they can earn money for anyone they recommended to the apartment complex for residency. Of course, the reward is granted after their referral was screened and accepted for occupancy.

There are many things you can do as the owner of an apartment complex that will help your property stand out among other apartment properties in Houston. Do some research to become more familiar with your competition or hire a professional property management team and they’ll have all the experience and knowledge necessary to run a flourishing apartment property. Contact the experts at Katy Property Management at 281.398.9844 and we’ll tell you all about our apartment property management services and how they can help you become more successful as a rental property owner in the city.

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