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The reality of owning residential rental real estate in Houston is that it’s a huge undertaking especially without a team of professionals behind you. The responsibilities of a property manager fluctuate greatly from acting as a realtor, marketing specialist, handyman, collections agent, and even extending their services by representing you (the property owner) in any legal matters. There’s so much that goes into a successful rental property venture in Houston before you can actively begin to advertise vacancies to the public. The first step is to hire a reliable and well-regarded property management team from the area.

Renting out residential units is much more time consuming than it is to rent out a commercial property or vacation homes. Residential properties, especially buildings with multiple units for rent require around the clock attention. This is why many real estate owners looking to profit in the industry will hire property management teams or full service property management services to help them succeed in the industry they chose to invest in.

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What to Expect from Full Service Property Management Services

  • Marketing Your Property on All Major Rental Sites
  • Rental Applicant Screening
  • Liaising with Tenants throughout the Entire Process
  • Collection of Rent and other Receivables
  • Property Maintenance and Cleanup
  • Tenant Relations and Interaction
  • Comparative Rental Analysis
  • Accounting Services
  • Lease Contract Assistance
  • Evictions and Legal Issues
  • End-of Year Tax Form Preparation

In most cases, a property manager will act as the jack of all trades. However, when financial constraints aren’t much of a concern, a property manager may search for local, reliable and affordable contract workers to care for lawn maintenance, handyman work, and other problems that may exist from time to time. This lessens the amount of time and effort they must put forth into issues regarding the property when they can spend that energy better in other facets of running productive property management.

At Katy Property Management, we have a broad range of certified and licensed professionals with proven success in the industry. Our long list of services, commitment to customer service, and decades of experience are just a few of the things that differentiate us from other residential property management firms near Houston. We take great pride in what we do and know that we have the ability to help you become a successful and profitable residential property owner of rental units. Call us now at 281.398.9844 for more information and a consultation with our experts.

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