Best Way to Handle Disruptive Tenants in Houston

There is no way around it as a Houston landlord, property manager or rental property owner, you’ll at one point or another, have disruptive tenants. This is a common occurrence for anyone dealing with tenants that rent units from them. Unfortunately, that’s just the chance you take. However, there are ways to deal with disruptive tenants in Houston and there are also ways you can prevent filling your vacancies with unreliable occupants.

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Prevent Filling Your Vacancies with Disruptive Tenants

Prevention is the best way to avoid disruptive and unreliable occupants from renting units at your property. These individuals often have red flags about them that can be recognized through a thorough interview and application process. Hiring a property manager or management team to handle the process of leasing vacant units is the greatest way to avoid a mess of undependable tenants residing at the property.

When you hire reputable management with the right qualifications, they’ll know exactly what to look for in tenants. They’ll also spruce the property up to appeal to higher paying, more dependable individuals looking for rentals in Houston. Their experience already gives them the upper hand in the industry even giving them the tools to deal with disruptive tenants that do manage to rent a unit at the property.

Dealing with Disruptive Tenants Peacefully and Lawfully

There are a number of ways to deal with tenants that are causing issues whether it’s a falter on monthly rent dues or their disruptions at the property. It all depends on the circumstances but it is always best to try and work the situation out calmly and professionally first. Even if you must personally talk with the tenants or send them a notice of some sort, it is essential that you defuse the situation before it heightens. Constant contact with the tenants will get their attention and usually keep them in line.

If the issue with the tenants revolves around late or missed rent payments, get in contact with them immediately after the grace period. Send a notice and even give them a call. Depending on their circumstances, try and set up a payment plan with them until the debt is paid in full. The objective is to avoid eviction. Dealing with the legalities of an eviction is time consuming and often stressful. Fortunately, in the State of Texas an eviction can be administered after 30 to 45 days of a missed payment. Other states require 6 to 8 months of missed payments before an eviction can be lawfully filed.

Other than evicting your tenants, there’s not much else you can do to handle their disruption. If they are causing problems with other occupants or on the property, you should always try to speak with them first. This may not always go well if the situation is intense, so always be prepared to call for law enforcement. Having a relationship with your local law enforcement agency is always wise. They’ll gladly come to defuse a situation if it gets out of hand or dangerous.

If the tenants are showing they have problems with their unit or something involving the property, listen to their concerns. If it is something that can be repaired by a handyman or addressed by a maintenance crew, simply call a contractor. As long as you show the tenants you care and are quick to give them your attention, they’ll likely respect the property and their residency there.

Why It Is Better to Hire a Property Management Team

Even though a Houston rental agent could be of great assistance to the leasing process, a property management team is often capable of providing the same service just as well. If there are more than at least a few units, a management team for the property will split the duties up among themselves. Each individual will have a duty that best suits their profession or skillsets in the property management. In fact, one of them is likely to have certifications and licensing in Houston real estate which often qualifies them as a leasing agent.

If you wish to find the right team of professionals to manage your rental property in Houston, contact Katy Property Management. Our property management services will far exceed your expectations. We have the experience, reputation and qualifications to run a successful and profitable rental property. Call us now at 281.398.9844 and we’ll provide you with more information about our services and affordable fees and rates.

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