Houston Property Management Certifications and Qualifications

If you’re a rental property owner looking for a manager to oversee your investment, it’s important to hire the right property management. It takes a great deal of experience to effectively and successfully manage and run a rental property. As the owner, it is often much too difficult to act as the landlord or property manager when you have other matters you must address. By hiring a management team you’ll find that you’re able to spend less time dealing with the property as you continue to make a profit. In fact, a successful property manager will be capable of increasing your profit margin.

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The best way to find qualified property management is by asking if they carry the right certifications and qualifications. They should have proof of these achievements to provide you with. Examples of some of the credible certifications, qualificationsand evenrequirements by Texas law include:

  • A real estate broker’s license is required by state law if property management is going to handle negotiations and leasing. Anyone dealing with the financial aspects of the rental property will need this license.
  • Certifications are given through an association or institution of credibility. For example, Certified Apartment Manager through the NAA or Certified Property Manager through IREM.
  • Proof of their experience and credibility in other forms including online resources. This may include positive reviews and testimonials left by past customers on reliable websites.

To find the best property management team, you must have knowledge of their history in the industry. Their experience has everything to do with your success as an investor in rental real estate property in Houston. Having a great reputation as a property manager is essential. There is so much to be responsible for while running a lucrative rental property that upholding a positive reputation in the industry is proof of accomplishment.

The Many Responsibilities of a Property Manager

The responsibilities you hold your property manager accountable for all depend on the management services you requested to hire them for. Not all property managers are certified or licensed to handle certain aspects of property rental in Houston. Matter of fact, if the property manager is expected to be in charge of marketing, leasing and the collection of all deposits, they are required by state law to carry a real estate license. Otherwise, all other skillsets and requirements expected of a property manager can be proven credible through certifications or other forms of verifiable accreditations.

What a Reliable Property Manager Should Have Experience In:

  • Effective marketing and advertising
  • Lease agreements
  • Dealing with evictions and all relevant legal matters
  • Screening tenants for occupancy
  • Analyzing the competition and suggesting any changes that should be made to the rental rates
  • Managing all occupant accounts by collecting rent payments and deposits. All tenants with money owed will be continuously contacted until debts are fully paid or legal action is taken
  • Hiring and supervising contract workers to maintain the lawn, property repairs, or handy work
  • Keeping in constant communication with tenants and building relationships
  • Preparing vacant units for occupancy immediately

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough certifications given out to cover all aspects of a property manager’s responsibility. However, an official certification granted by an accredited university or facility most certainly proves that they have an education in property management. This is a big clue that they have what it takes to successfully manage your rental property.

At Katy Property Management, our experts are all certified and licensed. The professionals we have on board have backgrounds in Texas real estate and property management. This is what sets us apart from other property management agencies and makes it easy for us to rise above the competition. We want to help you turn profit on your rental property investment. Through our thorough analyzation and research for rental comparisons, our well-designed screening process, our professional marketing tactics, and our ability to keep satisfied tenants occupying the premises, we know we can prove that you made a smart investment when you bought a rental property in Houston. Call us at 281.398.9844 to get started!

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