Houston Renters’ Rights

As tough as it is to own or manage rental properties in Houston, you must abide by the local, state and federal tenant/landlord laws. Just as landlords do, tenants have rights too. These rights must be minded if you wish to maintain a reputable and lucrative rental property. Caring about concerns and communicating with tenants, and adhering to the tenant laws will only help ensure their longstanding residency.

All tenants at rental properties are granted rights that help protect them in situations that may seem unfair during their temporary occupancy. As a paying resident, they have rights that a property manager must be attentive to. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing legal complications that could affect your investment and its potential for profit.

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Minding the Rights of the Tenant

  • All areas of the property where tenants are permitted access should be kept clean and safe. All utilities should function properly including hot water, gas and electric powered appliances, outlets, heating, etc.
  • As a property manager or any professional on the grounds, you have no right to enter a tenant’s home. Unless a lease states otherwise, no one is permitted to enter a unit that is leased to a tenant except in the case of an emergency. If for any reason a unit is to be entered by the property manager or another professional, a 48 hour notice must be hand delivered to the tenant renting the space.
  • All tenants must be informed of damages or problems with their unit and the property. A property manager is to disclose this information by law. If a tenant provides proof that such information was intentionally kept from them, they can contact a lawyer for legal counsel.
  • By law, the property manager is accountable for all conditions that directly affect the tenants. If a tenant has informed you or the manager of an issue that continues to get ignored, they can lawfully hold you accountable as long as they are current with rent and any attempts to repair the problem have failed.
  • A property manager is under no circumstances to retaliate against a tenant for their concerns. Rent cannot be raised and an eviction cannot be given to the tenant for at least 6 months after their initial complaint. This protects the tenant from the possibility of retaliation. Of course, if the rent for all units has risen or the tenant fails to pay rent during that time period, the landlord or manager of the property will not be held accountable for acts of retaliation.
  • All of the rights and laws protecting tenants of rental properties are included in the Fair Housing Act. This law is designed to defend the rights of both the landlord and the tenant. If the act is understood and complied with, then the probability of dealing with evictions and other legal matters decreases significantly. Property managers can avoid being sued by disgruntled occupants while tenants can avoid retaliation over authentic complaints.

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