Residential and Commercial Property Management Services – An Overview

There a lot of reasons why it is a smart decision to hire a property management company to handle your rental properties. We can help you find and retain great tenants, and you can put your mind at ease knowing that your residential or commercial property is being taken care of and your tenant’s needs are being met.

Rental Rate Studies to Determine Market Value for Your Property

It is important to set the rental price for your property correctly. If you charge too much, it will be hard to find tenants. If you charge too little, you are throwing money away each and every month. We use rental rate studies on properties similar to yours to help determine the proper amount of rent you should be charging to both maximize your earning potential and attract prospective tenants.

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Advertising Properties

When you have a vacancy you need to advertise, it can be difficult deciding what type of advertisement will attract the largest and best pool of potential renters. We have the experience to place your ads for you in places that will attract the most attention.

Showing Vacancies

Everyone has a different schedule. This can make it difficult to find a time to show a vacant property that works for both the landlord and the potential tenant. Let us help! We can show a vacancy at any time.

Screening and Interviewing Potential Tenants

Bad tenants can be a nightmare. Late rent, constant threats of “withholding rent” for the smallest of issues, or property damage are all concerns with this type of renter. We can screen and interview potential renters for you to help avoid these situations.

Negotiating, Drafting and Creating Leases

A strong lease is essential to a positive experience for both the tenant and landlord. Both parties are protected in the event of a disagreement, and all expectations are spelled out clearly for both parties. We can help you draft a lease that meets all these requirements in a clear and legal manner.

Rent Collection, Current and Delinquent

Nobody like to be the bad guy, pounding on doors and sending threatening letters to hunt down delinquent rent. We can collect rent from your tenants, and can even accept credit cards. In the event a tenant is late on their rent, we will be the ones to worry about going after it.

Sending Notices and Evictions

In the event that someone needs to be removed from your property, we can help evict them quickly and legally.

Internal and External Property Inspections

Keeping your property in tip-top shape will help you protect your investment and build equity. Regular inspections can identify and problems before they become too costly.

Accounting and Reporting

Renting property, like any business, requires accurate reports and records. We maintain income and expense reports for you.

Repairs and Maintenance

We have an in-house maintenance staff to handle most repairs and general maintenance. We also work with various contractors to handle large projects.

Real Estate Investment Reports and Advice

We keep ahead of all the current information in real estate so we can offer advice on how to best take advantage of your investment. It is time to pick up a new property or sell the one you have? Let us help you decide!

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