Property Management Law in Texas

Whenever you hire a property management team to overlook your Houston commercial or residential rental properties, they must comply with the laws governed by the State of Texas. These property management laws are set to assure that all tenants, landlords and property owners are treated fairly.

Some of the Texas Laws Regarding Tenants/Landlords

  • In order to rightfully market a place for rent in the real estate industry a landlord or property manager will need to comply Property Management Law in Texas
  • ith the state’s brokerage licensing agreements. Depending on the circumstances, there are ways to get around a brokerage license.
  • All security deposits must be administered within 30 days of the tenant’s vacancy.
    A tenant must receive a written notice of eviction. If the tenant refuses to move out after the date stated on the eviction notice, the property manager may file an eviction lawsuit.
  • A lease agreement must clearly state all rules and regulations for living on the property. If a tenant does not comply with the rules listed in the lease agreement, they may face eviction. Landlords that do not stand up to their part of the lease agreement may face large fines and penalties.
  • Landlords are NOT allowed to seize property from a tenant when money is owed.
  • As a landlord, all repairs and maintenance needed must be addressed, especially when a tenant complains. It is the property management team’s responsibility to keep up with property grounds and all rental units.

Why You Should Hire Katy Property Management to Supervise Your Home or Business Rental

There are many reasons to hire assistance through Katy Property Management. Our professional agents have the necessary knowledge and experience to successfully supervise and run your rental property according to all local and state laws, including the Fair Housing Act. We know what it takes to properly run a rental property while complying with all regulations in place.

To learn more about us and all that we can do for you as a rental property owner in Texas, contact us today at 281.398.9844. Our representatives will gladly take your call and answer any questions that you might have. We’ll help you earn more revenue while protecting your investment!