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The current average monthly rate for a residential rental property in Texas City is $921, representing a nine percent increase from the prior year. What does this mean for residential and commercial property owners in the area? It means they have a viable means to build rental income in vibrant, bustling and growing community. It’s important to realize, however, that being a landlord and managing a piece of property goes far beyond collecting rent every month. Whether you’re looking to rent out your vacation property on a seasonal basis or have significant warehouse space that you’d like to lease for commercial use, you need a committed and qualified ally to make sure you bring in the right tenants and keep your property intact. Katy Property Management offers full-service residential and commercial property management to give you peace of mind and certainty, no matter where you are. Call us today at 281.398.9844.

A Legacy of Quality and Results

Katy Property Management has spent the last 30 years helping our friends and neighbors in the Texas City community preserve and manage their property while maximizing its revenue potential. We have strived to make the rental process easier on our clients through a full suite of commercial and residential property services. Our close ties with the Texas City business community enable us to select reliable working professionals to fill our clients’ rental vacancies. Many new hires in the Texas City area find themselves in need of quality housing, and we are in the best position to provide it. Katy Property Management is proud to provide quality service through all aspects of the rental and property management cycle:


Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Texas City Texas


Phase 1 – Attracting Tenants

  • Full-Service Marketing of Your Listing to Ensure Maximum Exposure
  • List Your Property on All Relevant Listing Sites
  • Improve Your Curb Appeal for Maximum Interest
  • Clean and Optimize Interior
  • Utilize Print Media, MLS Listings, Signs and Fliers to Maximize Engagement
  • Comprehensive Applicant Screening (Credit Check, Employment Verification, Rental History, Etc.)
  • Working with You to Select the Perfect Tenant

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Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Texas City Texas

Phase 2 – Coordinating the Move

  • Assistance with Lease Agreements
  • Confirm Move-In Date with Tenant
  • Ensure Clarity of Lease Guidelines
  • Perform Detailed Move-In Inspection with Tenant and Have Tenants Sign a Report Verifying the Condition of the Property Prior to Move-in
  • Collect the First Month’s Rent and Security Deposit

Phase 3 – Ongoing Management of Your Space

  • Maintenance Scheduling and Coordination
  • Ongoing Rent Collection
  • End-of-Year Tax Form Preparation
  • Tenant Move-Out Services
  • Property Cleanup
  • And So Much More

Katy Property Management offers the most competitive rates in the area. We recognize that our clients are looking to maximize their property’s financial potential and we are not about to burden you with costly fees. We are prepared to offer a comprehensive and results-oriented property management experience for less.

What Could Happen without A Property Management Company?

Two of the most common obstacles that landlords face when they endeavor to manage their own property are late payments and maintenance issues. Both of these issues can easily consume your life and eat up all of your time and money. If you’re not constantly traveling to court to recoup your rent, you may be going back and forth to the property to resolve an endless pathology of maintenance issues (plumbing, electrical, structural, etc.). Rather than get bogged down in the logistic of managing your residential or commercial space, let the professionals at Katy Property Management take the headache and guesswork out of the process. Call our experienced and qualified professionals today at 281.398.9844 to learn more. We very much look forward to working with you to manage your rental property.

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