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With all there is to tend to as the owner of a successful rental property in Spring Valley Village, it’s no wonder everyone that owns commercial or residential rental facilities is hiring efficient property management agencies for services. It takes a team of licensed agents with an expertise in the industry to carry out full service property management.

At Katy Property management, we protect the time and money you invest into your Spring Valley Village rental properties whether they’re condominiums, apartments, vacation homes, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, residential real estate, or multi-units. We have a team of licensed agents and professionals with an expertise in all types of fields and industries. Our goal is to cover all the bases of rental property management so you can spend more time focusing on what you love while we bring in the revenue and heighten your room for profit.

Step One, Property Evaluation

After contacting Katy Property Management at 281.398.9844, your property will undergo a full property evaluation as scheduled. This evaluation will include a walkthrough of the entire property with the company of the landlord and any other relevant partners. During this walkthrough all damages notably needing to be fixed, all cosmetic restorations, and maintenance issues will be documented and photographs will be taken. Contract workers with the lowest bid and most dependable reputations for their designations will be hired to care for all property maintenance. Landscapers will manicure the lawn for curb appeal during all interior repairs and renovations are in action.


Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Spring Valley Village Texas


After an assessment of the property is conducted and all issues are confirmed as handled, your property manager will have a licensed agent draw up real estate comparisons in the area. This is how an accurate rental rate is determined between the landlord, financial advisor, real estate agent and property owner.

Getting Ready to Release the Rentals to the Public

Marketing a rental property and its vacant units is an ongoing process for the most of us. It takes constant upkeep to effectively draw in interested applicants. To do this alone or without expertise in successful advertising methods for real estate, it would prove nearly impossible to handle.

Katy Property Management Uses Proven Marketing Methods and Preparation Techniques

  • All vacant units are cleaned and manicured accordingly for showings, open houses and potential occupancy
  • Maintenance, repairs and cosmetic tasks are all completed by those that offer the lowest bids as contractors in the desired industry
  • The lawn of the rental facility is manicured and tended to by landscapers so that your real estate has more curb appeal
  • Posters, fliers, online ads, print ads, and meetings with reliable and noteworthy real estate agents are all great forms of advertising that Katy Property Management provides
  • All open houses and scheduled viewings will be kept up with by the landlord
  • Lease applications will be drawn up with the help of legal counsel to assure that they abide by the local, state and federal policies and all that they require

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Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Spring Valley Village Texas

How Tenants Are Chosen to Occupy a Vacant Rental Unit

It’s imperative to draw in trustworthy, quality tenants. Your property management group will dependably have rental applications open for anyone who seems interested in renting the property. Once an application has been submitted by a potential occupant, that individual will be given a screening.

What All Potential Occupants are Screened for after Submitting a Lease Application:

  • A survey to ensure they meet the occupant criteria built up by the property administrator and proprietor
  • Identity confirmation
  • Credit history
  • Income confirmation and audit
  • Rental history

Any invested individuals that don’t pass the screening procedure are notified by the property manager or assistant.

Don’t Become Stressed by the Facets of Rental Property Ownership

There is so much more entailed with the management of a rental property than what you have read previously. Let Katy Property Management provide you with additional information including a better overview of our full service property management. Call us at 281.398.9844 and our customer service representatives will invest their time to make sure you fully understand what we can do for you. If you wish to earn steady revenue and to see an increase in the amount of profit you make, don’t wait any longer!

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