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When you hire property management for your Pecan Grove rentals, always go through an agent located near your property. They’ll have familiarity and expertise in the region and a network of people they already work with such as contractors for commercial and residential properties. You’ll all also benefit from a range of services, although many owners choose to hire full service property management. This gives you a lot more free time since your rental properties are cared for by professionals. Katy Property Management is one of the leading agencies in the Greater Houston area. Call them at 281.398.9844 and they’ll give you a better overview of their services.

A Full Property Evaluation Is the First Step

Your property management services start first with a full evaluation of the rental property and any units it may have. The landlord and other relevant professionals will conduct a thorough walk through before the property goes on market.


Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Pecan Grove Texas


What Is Entailed in an Evaluation?

  • A walkthrough with you and the property manager is the first part of the evaluation. During this time, the property manager and any other relevant professionals will look for maintenance issues, repairs needed, and any cosmetic restorations that might help make the rental property more appealing to interested occupants.
  • Photographs of the property’s inside and outside will be taken as well as documentation of anything worthy of being noted as the walkthrough continues.
  • A lock box or deposit box will be installed as well as new locks on all vacant units.
  • A discussion will be held between you and the new landlord about what policies to uphold at the property.

Putting the Property on the Market

There’s a lot to do before you can successfully market the rental property. Luckily, when you pay for full service property management, you get professional help from agents with an expertise in advertising real estate. Below, you’ll see the step by step process of preparing and marketing the property effectively through an expert.

  1. The rental will have to undergo some preparation. Cosmetic restorations, maintenance and repairs will need to be finished. The entire inside of the property will then be cleaned and setup for show.
  2. Landscapers will manicure the lawn, giving it curb appeal.
  3. Ads will be created with the rental’s specifications, pictures and contact information. Ads may be placed in various forms including:
    • Fliers
    • Posters
    • Purchased ad space in online and local print publications
    • MLS
  4. Your marketing advisor will network with realtors in Pecan Grove to spread word of the rental units.
  5. Anyone with questions or interest can take advantage of the 24 hour phone service to speak about the rentals.
  6. Your landlord will setup open houses and showings as necessary to continuously keep tenants in all vacant units.
  7. Applications will be written up with the help of legal counsel so that they are assured to comply with the fair housing act and all local, state and federal laws. All application fees will be collected by the landlord.

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Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Pecan Grove Texas

How Tenants are Screened and Selected for Occupancy at the Rental

When occupants apply to live at the rental, their application is reviewed. Property management will grade the interested persons based on strict pre-determined criteria. The persons must also undergo identity and income verification, and a history and credit check before they are approved.

Once an applicant has been approved for occupancy, the property manager will sit down with them to go over the lease agreement. They’ll discuss property guidelines and have all signatures collected. At this time, the security deposit and first month’s rent are also due and a move-in date is scheduled.

Evictions and Move-Outs

Eviction is a very sensitive and detailed process. It requires great knowledge in the legal aspects of owning a rental property. In the case of an eviction, your property manager will inform the tenant with lawful documentation. They’ll even represent you in court and coordinate with the police if and when the time comes.

When a tenant’s lease agreement is about to expire, the landlord will start preparing to show the place again. Of course, the unit will be cleaned and adequately prepared for the next occupants before it is released for rent to the public again. Nevertheless, your property management team will stay on top of all units, making sure that they are consistently occupied for more profit and revenue.

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