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All the pros and cons that come with being a rental property owner can easily become unbalanced. Unless you already have a full team of trustworthy property managers and advisors, you’ll notice it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the facets of rental property ownership. If you wish for your investment to provide a fluid income with higher revenue and profit, hire property management services through an agency nearby Fulshear, Texas.

Katy Property Management provides full service property management for any rental owners in the Greater Houston area. Their services exceed the expectations of most property owners, giving them more free time, less stress, and more money. Below, is a list of property types that we can help manage or you can call us at 281.398.9844 for a clearer overview.

  • Condominiums
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Vacation Homes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Multi-Homes
  • Luxury Rentals


Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Fulshear Texas


As you can see, there aren’t many types of properties that were not used to dealing with. So, regardless what type of rental property you own, it’s worth giving us a call at 281.398.9844.

Preparing to Market the Rentals

Marketing the rentals is left to those with an expertise in effectively advertising real estate in Fulshear and its surroundings. After the property has been cleaned, repaired and manicured, ads will be placed throughout online and print publications for the area. Fliers, posters and other forms of paper advertisements will also be created and spread throughout the county.

Along with visual forms of advertisement, your property management will network with local real estate agents. They’ll also set up open houses and schedule viewings for potential applicants. Any questions and concerns will be addressed when interested parties call the 24 hour line available to them.

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Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Fulshear Texas

Screening and Tenant Selection

The screening process for applicants is one of the most important of all the jobs associated with property management. Upon filling out an application, they will be asked to pay small fee for additional security.At this point, the application is reviewed and those that meet the criteria will move forward and verified for identity and income. A credit check and rental history will also be required.

Let Them Handle All Repairs and Maintenance

As a component of your administrations, all reviews, support issues, repairs and reclamations are directed by your property management group after your endorsement. They’ll even discover authorized and safeguarded contractors and give tenants appraisals in the event that it isn’t at the duty of the property owner. Obviously, safeguard measures are taken to stay away from any disasters that may diminish the measure of benefit coming in.

With regards to keeping up the rental property, contractors will be employed by understanding, notoriety and spending plan. All contract workers will be given specific direction and jobs. For instance, a handyman or maintenance employee will watch over all repairs every minute of every day, while gardeners will tend to the grass and outdoor requests during business hours. Bigger remodels are left for general contractors with the best and lowest offer.

Move Outs Are Tended to Immediately

At the point when a tenant moves out, the unit is booked for a quick review. A report of its condition is made and recorded for this assessment. A duplicate of the signed report is additionally given to the tenant. In the event that there were any damages, the tenant is given a bill to cover the repairs. If there are no signs of damages, just normal wear and tear, the landlord will return the security deposit to the appropriate past tenant.

Once the tenant is legally moved out and all documentation is transferred to property management and put away for safety’s sake, the unit is cleaned and prepared for new occupants. As of now, the unit will get any updates endorsed by the proprietor. Then it will go back on the market to the public so the cycle can begin once again.

If you would like to hear more about what we have to offer here at Katy Property Management, call us now at 281.398.9844. Our customer service agents will discuss all of our services with you as well as rates. We look forward to your call!

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