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When you hire on property managers or a team of professionals to help you with your Humble rentals, make sure they’re from a trustworthy and experienced agency situated in Texas nearby your property. They’ll have expertise with the real estate market in the region and a large network of contractors, advisors and specialists they like to work with. For instance, they may know low cost, local contractors for commercial and residential properties, or landscapers to keep the lawn intact.

Katy Property Management will provide their clients with full service property management once they call 281.398.9844 and schedule an evaluation. This gives you significantly more leisure time since your rental properties are looked after by experts. While you sit back and relax more, your management agents will care for all aspects of running a successful rental property in Texas, seeing that your earn a consistent stream of income including a higher profit.

Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Humble Texas

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How We Help Screen and Select the Right Tenants for Your Rentals

All interested occupants must fill out and submit an application along with the payment of an application fee. Property management will review all potential applicantsaccording to the criteria set between the owner and landlord. All applicants will undergo a history, background and credit check as well as income verification.

After an applicant has been approved for residency at the Humble property rental, they are called in for a meeting to go over the lease agreement. The regulations of property grounds and all other matters will be addressed during this meeting. Once everyone is in agreement and of understanding, the lease will be signed by all participating parties. As of now, the security deposit and first month’s lease fee are due and a move-in date is scheduled before the keys are released to the new owner.

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Out of all the property management companies in the Greater Houston area, Katy Property Management stands out from the crowd. We have over three decades of experience with managing commercial and residential properties, including businesses, homes, condominiums, townhomes, apartments, and other types of rental buildings. Call us today at 281.398.9844 for more information about our services and rates. We are sure you’ll be pleased with our ability to successfully run and manage your properties!

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