Community Association Property Management Services – An Overview

Community Associations and Homeowners Associations are a great way to pool resources, maintain common property, and unite under one set of guidelines and expectations. They are an excellent tool to maintain property values and increase the sense of community, as long as they are managed properly. Katy Property Management can help.


HOAs and community associations deal with a lot of money, and all of that money needs to be accounted for. Maintenance of common areas and common properties costs money, and when the pool of money is well tracked it is easy to see if it is there when it is needed.

Reserve Studies

Everything wears out eventually. It is important to make sure that your association will have money to repair or replace it when it does. Reserve studies examine the expected life of each reserve and determine how much money must be set aside each year to cover it when it reaches the end of that life. No one wants to be told there is no money to fix the leaky roof of a condo building.

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Managing and Paying Vendors

When work is performed on common property, you want it to be done by professionals who do the best quality work for a reasonable price. We will manage and pay those vendors and contractors so you don’t have to.

Monitoring Deed Restriction Violations

The beauty of being part of an HOA or community association is the common set of guidelines that all members must adhere to. You know that your neighbor is not going to turn their front lawn into a junkyard, and if they do we’ll make sure it is cleaned up. Property values stay high, and neighbors are happy.

Attending Board Meetings

Community members have concerns, and it is important for them to feel like their voices are being heard. We will attend the board meetings so we can reassure them that their concerns are being attended to and their money is being set aside to deal with any problems that may arise.

Mailing Out Dues, Fliers and Coupons

We can take care of mailing monthly billing statements or coupon books for residents to pay their dues.

Managing and Maintaining Common Areas

Whether it is the halls between condos or the common courtyard, there is some amount of maintenance to be done. We have an in-house maintenance staff to handle most jobs.

Newsletter Creation and Distribution

Newsletters help build a sense of community and keep everyone informed of the ongoing happenings and events. We can put together and distribute HOA newsletters.

Website Creation and Maintenance

A website can be a great tool to help attract potential buyers and help inform the current community residents of policies and news. We can build and maintain it for you.

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