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Owning and renting out a home in Baytown can be an excellent way to boost your income, but it can be a huge hassle. Whether it is a cool condominium, a single family unit, or a commercial industrial facility the landlord is responsible for collecting rent, maintaining the property, and answering a middle of the night phone call when a tenant’s heat goes out. If that doesn’t sound like the most efficient way to build equity, it is because it isn’t. Why not give property management a try?

Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Baytown Texas

Contracting the Right Property Management Team

Contracting a real estate property management company is a great way to enjoy the added income of your rental property without the added headache. The company will be in charge of managing the properties, collecting rent, enforcing the lease and in the event of a non-paying tenant, either proceeding with eviction or legal options for collecting the amount owed.

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This type of arrangement can be beneficial to tenants as well as any Baytown landlords. Tenants oftentimes would rather not disturb the owner of the property, especially if there is a problem during odd hours. A property management company with 24 hour maintenance staff makes it much easier to have a problem fixed quickly before any more damage can occur. Unlike a traditional setting, the property management company is able to accept credit cards and online applications.

If you are the owner of a vacation rental in an area away from your primary residence, allowing a certified property manager to handle the unit in your absence is a great way to make sure everything is maintained, vacancies are filled, and you are receiving the maximum amount of revenue with the last amount of stress.

Don’t find yourself frustrated by your rentals. Allow a full service property management company to use their tools to efficiently manage them for you. In fact, contact Katy Property Management at 281.398.9844 to learn more about our services from a licensed property manager and broker.

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