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Without certified and licensed property management specialists assisting you, managing a rental property in Alvin, Texas could easily bog you down with responsibilities you don’t have the time for. It is always in your best interest to hire a property management team or professional landlord to help you care for your commercial, residential or vacation rentals. You could very easily lose out on profits and income if you aren’t able to properly manage the rentals on your own. Don’t let this happen!

All licensed property management agencies offer their own packages and service options but you can expect that most of them offer full range services to give you even less involvement with the rentals and all that they entail. For example, an evaluation and proper rental rate might be determined first. Then based on the results, your management team will come up with an all-inclusive plan to effectively market the property and its units. Once all this is cared for, they’ll create a legal lease agreement and a list of rules for the property grounds. Of course, you will need to help the landlord come up with viable regulations.

Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Alvin Texas

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About the Process of Tenant Selection, Move-Ins, Rental Collections, and End of Lease Agreements

Perhaps the most difficult part of being a property manager for rentals is staying on top of tenants. They’ll track who is moving in or out, who has paid rent and who still owes dues. Your management team at Katy Property Management will keep all this organized by using a variety of methods proven to be successful.

  • All potential tenants will have a background, credit, income and criminal history screening.
  • Tenants must comply and meet with the requirements defined in the property’s lease agreement and regulations.
  • With every move-in a walk through is performed with the new tenant and the rental unit is assessed for damages and needed repairs.
  • Rent and security deposits are collected immediately after all signatures are gathered.
  • When a client moves out, inspections and reports are completed right away for the unit vacancies. If damages are evident, the tenants are given an estimate otherwise their security deposit is returned.
  • All recently emptied units are cleaned and prepared for new occupants. The locks are changed out and the property is advertised.

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