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Finding the right property management services is important as the owner of rental properties. Not a single person has the time or the ability to care for a multi-unit rental property on their own. It takes many helping hands and a lot of previous experience to successfully manage a rental building of any kind. So whether you own commercial, residential or even vacation rentals, let the experts take care of the property and its tenants. Then, you can spend more time doing the things you like or dealing with other business matters in your life without the hassle of your rentals and their occupants in the way.

Let the Professionals Perform a Property Evaluation to Determine an Honest Rental Rate

Once you hired a property manager, they’ll begin their duties by performing an evaluation of the property. This evaluation will include capturing photos of the interior and exterior, creating a maintenance and repair report, and gathering the information of other rental properties in Cinco Ranch for comparison. Once the evaluation is complete, they’ll sit down with you to discuss their recommendations for any cosmetic improvements or repairs, and the policies that should be set for the property and its units. Together, an appropriate rental rate is also established based on the evaluation’s results and the rates of other rentals in the area.


Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Cinco Ranch Texas


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Advertising Your Rental Property

There’s a lot that goes into properly marketing your property. When you release it to the public as up for rent, you want to make sure you have addressed any and all issues with the property first. The interior must be in good condition and the exterior must have some curb appeal.

How Professionals Will Prepare and Market the Property

  • The property and all its open units will be cleaned and prepared for potential occupants.
  • Any maintenance and repairs will be cared for by budget friendly, licensed and insured contractors.
  • Landscapers will provide all lawn maintenance, giving itcurb appeal that draws positive attention.
  • Effective marketing methods that include the creation of fliers, posters, online and print ads, networking with realtors, and providing 24/7 service to anyone with questions about the property.
  • Set up and schedule all viewings and open houses throughout each week or as necessary.
  • Provide potential occupants with lawful rental applications that comply with the fair housing laws and guidelines of the state.

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How Tenants Are Selected

It’s important to attract dependable tenants so that you can choose the right occupants for the rental. Your property management team will always have rental applications accessible for any prospective tenants. Once an application has been submitted by an interested party, that individual will undergo a screening process.

What the Screening Process Includes:

  • A review to make sure they meet the tenant criteria established by the property manager and owner
  • Identity verification
  • Credit history
  • Income verification and review
  • Rental history

Any interested parties that do not pass the screening process are informed by the property manager.

Property management for house rentals, apartment complexes and commercial properties in Cinco Ranch Texas

Moving In Occupants

When tenants move in, the landlord will first perform a walkthrough of the unit or property with them. A report of the property’s condition will be written up and signed by both parties. Then a review of the housing guidelines will be read and all agreements will be finalized. The tenant will then receive a copy of the property’s condition report and the signed lease agreement after the first month’s rent and a security deposit have been collected.

How Collections, Expenses, Evictions and Legal Issues Are Managed

Some of the most stressful things about dealing with rental properties are the financial and legal aspects of it all. When you hire full service from a property management agency, you’re given advice, guidance and even help in all these areas. This is how a property manager for your Cinco Ranch rental can help:

  • Enforcing and collecting rent and late fees
  • Making deposits and paying bills associated with the property
  • Providing annual and monthly expense statements
  • Filing all paperwork and keeping records
  • Sending out evictions and keeping record of all documentation
  • Initiating and completing all legalities
  • Representing the property owner in court hearings and legal meetings
  • Advice in legal disputes and litigation matters or referrals to legal counsel
  • They’ll make sure you understand all local, state and federal laws for tenants and landlords
  • All taxes including relevant deductions will be addressed

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